Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is an integral part of any corrosion prevention program. NorVac Industrial Services can provide a wide variety of surface preparation methods, including wet or dry abrasive blasting, abrasive water jetting, ultra high pressure water jetting, and CO2 cleaning. With our experience in the industrial and mining sectors, we can recommend cost effective alternatives to any surface preparation project.

Ultra high pressure water jetting has become a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative for reconditioning projects such as rebuilding of conveyance system drive pulleys, and repair or maintenance of other critical process equipment.

Rubber/Urethane Stripping

Using water jetting technology, NorVac Industrial Services provides field and in-house stripping and reconditioning services. This process has many applications in the areas of reclamation and rehabilitation of industrial process equipment. In site reconditioning and repair of industrial process equipment has tremendous cost benefit in the form of reduced production downtime, and total project cost. Many cost burdens such as equipment rentals, labour, and production delays are negated by using this type of technology.

We take great pride in our ability to provide a variety of removal and preparation methods to meet our diverse client needs. All surface preparation methods are performed to industry and/ or client standards.