Industrial Vacuuming

Industrial vacuum loading has always been an integral part of our business. We offer mobile wet, dry, or combination vacuum pumping units for applications ranging from water to heavy sludges. High volume hydraulic dredging equipment offers cost effective maintenance of lagoons, containment ponds, underground sumps, and settling reservoirs.

Applications include:

  • Reclamation or disposal of slurries or by-products
  • Dry vacuuming of fine particles or debris for general housekeeping
  • Routine maintenance of sumps, containment and process ponds
  • Hydro excavation for low risk digging and trenching
  • Material reclamation and recycling
  • Sewer and catch basin cleaning
  • Kiln and digester cleaning and maintenance

Since 1970, we have earned and maintained a reputation for being number 1 in quality workmanship and superior service. Our highly trained and dedicated personnel have a solid history of meeting contractor and government performance schedules both on time and on budget.